Comment to “The problem with live tweeting medical conferences”

Ok sometimes its good to have an own blog, as its crazy that for every comment, for every plattform people are forced to login somewhere and althougt Kevin Mind’s blog offers in the past twitter-connection I was now forced to login via discus, which I dont want. So here is my comment:

I am also tweeting during conferences.Its one way to get offline conferences visible in digital world and not beeing there itself.My blog  fills the gap when reporting of those conferences some insights or links or tweets -‘even when I am not on the conference itself.
You think its not possible to pay attention to the speaker neither the content is possible said in 140 signs? I say it is – whats the difference of typing/writing on a pc or paper? 140 signs helps to concentrate to the really usefull content without blabla – and the more tweets the more speakers have really to say. What if the whole content of a talk is said within one tweet? boring…

You are right that “impression” says less about the quality or the social impact directly at the conference. Theres no automatically done statistics for it.
My way – and ok for conferences in Austria that arent tweet-intensive, so a manual overview is possible – I am checking tweets for content, advertisements and social interaction like tweetups or even feedback but this takes time and I know its not possible for large conferences.
You are also right that impression says nothing about if people really read the tweet -but if you pay ads in printmedia or tv or radio you also dont know ….

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